I had a dream and the Earth responded

Thought you might be interested what really brought me here. I’ve told you in the “about”post that I dreamed about having this blog created. But yeah, a dream rarely pops out of the blue and if I had nothing to say, this blog would be useless. So it was a reminiscing process I guess.

It all happened several months ago. I’m a PhD student in my pre-final year now and as a part of my dissertation I went on a study visit to the UK. At first I was somewhat scared and confused, because I didn’t know anyone and had no idea what would happen. Just wanted to collect some good practices for my dissertation, as UK is one of the leading countries in the field of disability in higher education (the area my dissertation topic is from) and then compare it to my country, write some suggestions and that would do. Then come back home and return to the usual daily routine (which I quite liked!). How wrong I was.

My England hosting organization asked me to prepare a presentation about provisions in higher education in my country for disabled students and deliver it at the company’s training day. It took me ages to figure out what to tell them, because honestly, there isn’t much to tell since my country is far behind, compared to the UK. So I decided I’ll speak more about my work with my students and our projects.

My major PhD subject is educational psychology, and as I was reading the literature I ran across M. E. P. Seligman and his Learned Optimism. Felt quite right and I really liked it, so I applied some of LO principles to my work with the students and this is mainly what I told the psychologists at the training day. They liked the presentation and it was very warmly received. One of the psychologists asked if I knew Brief Therapy. Never heard of it. He said that it is similar to what I do, but way better and I should look it up. So I did. What happened afterwards is what this blog is about. Making a huge difference.


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