My Birthday Gift came early this year

Dear reader,

I am a lucky human. How come I know? I have people around the globe who care about me.

I am an inteligent human. How do I know? I learn from mistakes and if something doesn’t work, I do it differently.

I am resilient. How to know that? Life constantly gives me challenges. If I would not be able to cope with what comes, life wouldn’t send it. And I am.

I make a difference. I see that in every smile and every kind word.

I care. I care about you, reading this blog, I care about the birds in the winter, I care about the cigarettes on the floor and pick them up.

I love. Beacuse I want to give. I love because love is life. I love life.

I receive. My fairy has sent me 2 packages of Solution Focused books. All basic masterpieces that will help me grow. She has sent me a small personal piece from every author, some of them I’ve met personally, some not yet, and now they are on my shelf. And they care. And I can share them with others as Solution Focused community in my country will grow. Though my cat doesn’t look very interested, but I know she feels the energy 🙂

My birthday gift came early this year. Thank you, my fairy, for making a difference in my life.



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