When You Lose Someone Dear

Dear reader,

my dog died. I just found out over the phone.

Those of you who own (or have owned) a pet know, how painful this is. It’s like losing a family member. Pets are the best listeners, best friends and most loyal companions. They never judge, they always forgive and they never expect anything in return. They are these small creatures with big hearts.

I wasn’t around much in the last few years, my dog stayed with my mom, because I travel so much or have moved a lot in the past, so I couldn’t keep her. But she’s been an important part of my life and she gave me so much. I miss her and I’m in pain but also angry, because I wasn’t there when she needed me.

This is the fifth dog I’ve lost. And each time I feel the same amount of grief and sorrow. And though it hurts a lot, I know I’ll own a dog again. Because it’s just one of the best life companions. By inviting an animal to join you in life, already then you commit to losing her. You know it will be painful and yet you do it anyway. Because you know how much joy this animal will bring into your life and you know that this pet will have a great life while staying with you. So you consciously unfold and expose your heart to a great chance of being hurt, but what you get in return somehow outweighs all the negative aspects and risks.

I’m happy we still dare to take our chances to get hurt. It makes us alive, not only living.

R.I.P. Buba. I love you still, though you’re physically not here anymore. As long as I’m alive, so is your memory. Thank you for being an important part of me, you small dog with a big heart.



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