Your Wish is My Command – Skype meetings available for the international clients

Dear reader,

recently, I’ve been super busy with workshops and getting the programme ready for our Slovenian SF Training (note: only 3 spots left, if you want to join and learn how to use Solution Focused practice yourself). I’m getting more and more requests to organize something for people outside Slovenia as well – from other bloggers, my followers, fellow coaches, potential clients, people who appreciate future focused approaches, people who want to learn soft skills, people who hold demanding positions in big organizations, people who want to change their lives, people who want to find happiness, freedom, joy, bliss, a new job, a new partner; and also people who don’t want to be where they currently are, people who are in trouble, debt, lost, miserable, depressed, hurt, abandoned, lonely, etc.

Great news for all of you: your wish is my command, so if you ask, you shall be answered. One on one sessions are from this day officially available also for international clients through Skype. Until now there has been this option available, but not regularly and as the number of requests and testimonials this has been useful for you grow, I now have three days a week reserved only for online coaching and therapy sessions for international clients (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). All you have to do is send me an inquiry and request to Skype at with your preferred time to talk and we’ll meet on a 30-minute conversation where you can get a free session taster. After this you can decide whether you would like to proceed or not. Totally commitment free and for your satisfaction.

Here’s a brief me in five words: Integrity, minimalism, simplicity, humour and professionalism. Once we make a bond, get to know each other and your basic questions are answered, we can start the process. Your confidentiality is assured. I can adjust to your language, so we can talk in English, German and Slovenian (Croatian, Serbian). Also Spanish and French might work with a little practice. When we reach that stage, you’ll let me know when it’s best for you to talk on the Skype days, regardless your time zone.

Here’s an example of what a Solution Focused session might look like. I’m well trained from Europe’s best trainers and teachers and have more than 9 years of experience working with people, recently also organizations, who find themselves in complex situations and want an immediate way forward. But I prefer working from my heart, compassion and care (see my signature for a story on that).

Payments are made through Paypal. Your investment in return for the service ranges between what you consider the session’s been worth to you (experience shows suggested payment to be between €40-100). If your current financial situation prohibits you to cooperate, come to me anyway and we’ll find a solution.

I’m very much looking forward to have an honour to be working with you and to meet you. It’s amazing how distance nowadays doesn’t matter anymore and how easy it’s become to meet likeminded people. Who knows – this might be just the perfect moment for you to start something big for yourself. I’m very happy to partly go through this journey with you!




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