Meet a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

A very special day today and I want to share it with you, my friends and readers.
A couple of weeks ago I got recommended to become a part of the ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS from a British distinguished fellow who noticed my work and found it meaningful. The Royal Society of Arts was founded in Covent Garden in 1754 and included Dickens, Marx, Hawking, Diefenbaker, Berners-Lee and many others among its fellows, who wanted to change the world for the better. You can only get in by invitation and recommendation to be viewed as a meaningful member. Today I got admitted and have become a full member.
The Royal Society of Arts has been a source of innovation, ideas and inspiration for over 260 years and is a platform for the world’s leading thinkers,sharing their ideas online, while its Action and Research Centre searches for new and innovative ways to solve society’s greatest challenges. The Society consists of 27,000 worldwide fellows, has its own funding and venue in London available for use and is a great entity that helps turn ideas into action. Now you know where I’ll spend my spare time while in London!
So now I’ve become a part of this network and society – the first and only one in Slovenia ever. Meaning I now have access and privilege to connect to the world greatest thinkers and trend-setters. This is also news for you – Slovenia now has a fellow through which you can benefit and be engaged as well. The RSA has funding available for projects that make a positive difference in our society – so if you have ideas and need funding, step in touch with me and I can help you make your project come true.
This is such a special moment. I’m being really emotional right now and can’t even write or think in my mother tongue. But it looks like all my years of voluntary work have finally paid off … 🙂 and my Ribalon can continue being an autonomous, independent institution who does what it thinks is right, not what its funders and financers expect it to do. This is big, it is very big. Some say dream big and big things will happen to you. I always dream small and yet huge things happen to me.
Here’s to us – to you and me and to all the upcoming projects we’ll do together that will make a difference!
Biba, FRSA
RSA profile.png

3 thoughts on “Meet a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

  1. It’s SO great, Biba! SO wonderful!! You instantly share this so “we” can join you in your celebration and Slovenia can start imagine their dreams come true …
    I understand completely why you are a fellow now!! Congrats!!


  2. Hallo Ella,
    Via het artikel van Biba heb ik uw antwoord gelezen. Ik veronderstel dat u Nederlands spreekt (gezien uw naam, maar misschien sla ik de plank mis!)?
    Voor het eerst heb ik over RSA gelezen dankzij Biba dus en het lijkt geweldig goed en interessant. Bijgevolg moest ik aan een correspondentievriend in Noorwegen denken, die er, volgens mij, helemaal in zou passen. Maar hij is ontzettend druk en heeft heel veel contacten, maar toch… Ik heb hem erover geschreven, hij zou kijken als hij een moment had.
    Maar ik wou u de volgende vraag stellen: hebben jullie ook “fellows” uit Noorwegen?
    Neem me niet kwalijk dat ik u zomaar schrijf! Bij voorbaat dank en hartelijke groeten van Willie Martin


    • Dag Willie,
      ik spreek inderdaad Nederlands 🙂
      Maar .. ik ben zelf geen Fellow, hoor! Ik denk dat je op de site van RSA moet gaan zoeken.
      Succes!!!! Erg leuk dat je iemand op het oog hebt!
      groet, Ella


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