In our world, nobody needs a coach. Nobody needs to think either.

Dear reader,

sometimes I get the question of whether what we do in coaching is really necessary. The answer is of course it’s not. In many cases, coaching is a tool that empowers and helps move forward the ones that are already doing somewhat well. It is not a life essential. But so isn’t a job you like, holidays at sea or organic food.

The only thing necessary in life is, that we all have to die and will die eventually. The rest is secondary. Hence, there is a difference between what you need and what you want. There is a difference between life worth existing and life worth living. Coaching, if done together with an experienced coach, helps unlock your inner potential to the fullest, so that you can grow into the best version you can possibly be. It is exclusive, an absolute luxury and meaningless if compared to basic needs like appropriate housing, social security, reasonable health, occupation, connectedness to others.

Throughout the history there have been examples of the “chosen ones” – the distinguished people who were privileged, who were standing out for their brilliance, talent or pedigree. Then there are those who are privileged to have the access to the best knowledge, best mentors, tutors, teachers, so that they could develop and become distinguished. Then there is the majority of us, the crowd, who are doing fine by going to work every day, watching series, having families, going on holidays once a year, getting drunk every other weekend and complaining about politics, weather and system. And the last are those on the edges, who depend upon the social justice system or welfare.

Coaching is for the chosen ones. But not necessarily the chosen ones from upper societal strata. Chosen ones who deliberately decide they want to live, not merely exist and who value their time, energy and potential. They know, they can manage to come very far alone. But they also know, that they can come way further if going together. A coach in this case is an excellent companion.

Yesterday I had a workshop for students and young graduates and we did bits of team coaching on the topic of preparing for their next job interview. Some participants were really standing out and I have high hopes they will come very far in their life. Among many exercises, we watched a short video as an intro into the coaching process. And I’d like to share it with you.

You surely don’t need a coach. Just like you don’t need the best relationship in the world, the most satisfying job or the best good looking posture. But you might be among the few selected ones who deserve the best and who take action in order to reach it.


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