Let’s connect in our humanity: an invitation for RSA Fellows to experience a different kind of conversation

In our world of professional services and expertise, connecting human to human has become a luxury. Have you ever considered trying out therapy or coaching to make a positive difference to your future? Your performance? Your outlook on life? Are you interested in a coaching conversation to make progress in your desired area? Eager to make a change, but do not want it to be a long term and expensive process, yet it has to be done together with someone who has experience and with whom you can connect on an equal level? Are you ready to discover your own brilliance? Then this offer might be just the thing you are looking for!

Biba Rebolj, FRSA, is looking for Fellows and their friends or colleagues, who would like to experience a coaching or therapeutic conversation where the primary goal is to connect as humans and have an useful conversation that leads to a desired outcome. She is trying out an approach which is different to mainstream therapy and coaching and is wanting to introduce this approach to Slovenia. No goal setting, no advice, no professional interpretation, no theory about human behaviour and functioning. Instead pure presence, holding space, emphasizing what is working already and creating a different narrative by moving from what is not wanted to what is pragmatical.

Biba has been working with clients with various backgrounds since 2006 and has discovered that expertise and professional opinion about why an unwanted situation arises, seldom leads to a solution. Having personal experience with exclusion, pain and hopelessness, she believes that conversations building homes for solutions, happen quite differently. Should you be curious to try it out or know someone who would benefit from it, contact Biba here.

More info about the Solution Focused Approach here.

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