The Queen

Dear reader,

ever had a period in your life where everything was going pretty smooth? Where it seemed as if your every wish came true in a matter of no time? This is not an illusion. It is hard science of metaphysics for some people and an unexplained spiritual phenomena for others. Both is true.

I recently learned how to get pretty much anything I want. ANYTHING. I went to a seminar with one of the most influential women of our time, Iza Login. At first I was not as interested in the topic as much as I was interested in her, her presence and energy, but later on, what she was sharing with us, made perfect sense. If one is ready of course, you know what they say about when the student is ready? A teacher comes.

She, together with help of Savina Atai, taught us how to use the techniques of manifestation to craft anything you want. I mean literally anything – from material objects to perfect partners or careers. And as you probably also know, no new skill can be mastered without practising. So as soon as we finished, I tried it out. First things first, I manifested the arrival of our pizza delivery guy accurately to the minute. Manifested exactly how I wanted the road and traffic to be as I was driving back home. Manifested a phone call outcome. And so on. But a big test came as my sister got to a hospital, being in labour. Some things were not right. She was stressed and the situation looked pretty hopeless. So I had to prove not that I can do something, but that I believe in the power of manifestation. It was serious.

And it worked.

It worked, with help and support and it turned out the way she asked for. And I now know for certain, that it works. But in order for it to work, one has to be in a state of mind (and body) which enables smooth flow. No blocks. And that is tricky.

I always thought I had problems with feeling unworthy or misunderstood. And now I realised this is not true. My problem was that I felt suffocated. With broken wings. It became so mundane that I’d forgotten about having wings at all. Time passing fast, bruises becoming scars and so on. You probably have similar experience, we all do.

Now I’ve become a queen of my life. The Queen. There was such unleashed potential unnoticed, unused and suppressed. I rediscovered breathing. And realised my wings are stronger than ever. So I’ve got some good things coming up … 🙂 And I can teach you how to do it yourself – get anything you want in your life. It goes so well together with what I was already doing in my line of work, but it’s become much stronger now. The more of us, the merrier. You don’t have to believe me. As long as somebody else does and life proves it 🙂

Biba, with love and from life


Oh, and did I mention that I met some awesome people?

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