How About Some Kindness?

Dear reader,

Christmas euphoria already kicking in. Days are getting shorter. Darker. We have pulled out our winter clothes. Bacteria and viruses on their way.

I am at home. In Slovenia. Living a rather quiet life, because I have to be a good girl in order to finish my academic work. I don’t go out very often except when I facilitate a workshop here and there.

Surprisingly, I am far from lonely. Living a quiet analogue life doesn’t mean that my virtual life is boring. I do a lot of work online and am in contact with many people. Social life on social media has its own laws somehow. It is expected from us to be active, to network, communicate, comment on each other’s posts, engage, etc.

I was told that the online presence matters. And that one should carefully design how one wants to appear online. Edit LinkedIn profile. Website. I usually don’t have time for that, also I am too stupid to understand the laws of how this works. Meaning that I don’t really care how people will react to what I write or vlog. I just do it with an honest intention and wish that it will reach those people who can benefit from it. If not, fine, but I am not really bothered.

What I am bothered is the aggressive and pushy nature of some people who are trying to sell themselves and/or their products before they would even try to pretend they are interested in anything but themselves. I seriously don’t care whether you are an influencer with 24353262464 followers if you fail to have one and only quality that really matters.

Which is kindness.

I had to visit some doctors today. Came into the waiting room and two older grumpy ladies from the staff were sitting behind the window. My presence clearly disturbed their evening chat. They couldn’t find my papers and one of them said with an underlying tone that my insurance had expired. Which was not true. I wasn’t in a good mood either, because I was scared of the appointment. But I decided to be kind. Not because they would deserve it. Because we all deserve it.

You wouldn’t believe how a simple smile changed the whole atmosphere. And not only among these two ladies. Among the other patients as well.

But back to the online presence. Yesterday I sent out newsletters, using a new platform. Since I didn’t have time to check each and every recipient whether they have subscribed or not, I wrote an invitation to stay with me and an apology if someone did not want to. The next morning I received an email. From someone I met while delivering one training, some years ago. I knew she was very keen on newsletters and very qualified to make an expert judgement on what I have composed together. But her email was only … very very kind. And I appreciated it so much. And of course whenever I will need help, I will turn to her. Not because she is an expert. Because she is a kind expert.

And this makes all the difference. With such small gestures.

Thank you M.



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