This COULD be your kind of year!

Dear reader,

my 2018 has already started. I’ve had a little illumination yesterday and today I am blissful, full of energy and expectation to make a giant leap into 2018. Yesterday I finished with my theoretical reading for my PhD. Meaning I’m only revising from now on and am able to do nothing else but letting myself be creative. Joy, joy, finally, after 6 years!!!!! (btw you do realise this is due to my Manifesting ability, right? Joke, but no joke maybe 🙂

Anyways, here’s what I wanted to tell you. A few things I learned in 2017 and am celebrating today:

  • You are universe’s creation, not your own. Meaning, your talents are your gifts and your skills have been developed by the help of others, so don’t be misled that it was entirely your own achievement. However you have every reason to celebrate – it was you who developed them and the more people you can celebrate this with, the better!
  • If someone hurt you once, it’s their fault. If they hurt you twice, it is your fault.
  • There is no good/bad, right/wrong. At some level, there is no polarity.
  • Don’t think or speak too much. Instead better get up and do.

If you are currently on your path, you might think it is too hard, unachievable, that it is not the right part for you. You might well be right. And you might well be wrong. Whatever you believe, you are right. But here’s one thing: you never know what the path will be like, until you find yourself walking it. Don’t be too occupied by your goal. Because here’s what will happen:

The path will change you. It will likely change your goal as well.

You know: you plan, but life then takes another route for you. And all you can do is wonder, because you’ll never figure out why (it’s the silliest question anyway). As you walk your path and climb your mountain, trust me, you’ll get stronger. Your plastic brain will learn new things. You will meet new people. You will get over past regrets and mistakes. I guess the fear and insecurity is something constant, it won’t go away. It would also be stupid to try to eliminate insecurities, because it is one drive, that helps you get stronger. On the other hand, fear won’t do you any good either. Think about it: in most cases, nothing would actually happen when you let go of your fear.

You can change who you are. You can change your habits, your identity. At any point of life. You might think it is impossible for you to wake up and not have coffee in the morning. You are wrong. It’s just a habit. Try it for 30 times and it will become casual for you not to have coffee in the morning, or at all. You think you cannot get over a certain person you thought was your soulmate. You are wrong again. You could have any number of soulmates, have as many people in your life as you are able to hold. Nothing is set in stone, except your beliefs. And even these can be changed.

Don’t be afraid that people might stand in your way. That they will throw stones at you in your career. In fact it is quite the opposite: most people WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! Everyone wants you to succeed. Because they are looking for a proof that you can be successful, so they can be successful too, so they can be amazing too. You never know who you will inspire and what with. But only under one condition: you have to, really HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO be yourself. Do not copy others. Do not copy their achievements. Behaviours. Looks. They have their own path. And you have your own. And it is stunningly beautiful, you don’t have to try to make it beautiful or exciting. Life is so abundant and never boring. So get up butterfly, spread your wings, shush those doubts, get up and take a deep breath. One more. Really, please stand up and take the deepest breath you’ve taken in months.

We all want to see you shine. We can’t wait to see you shine!

Happy 2018 and now I’m off to cook some lunch, make some pastry and then probably get drunk and die of laughing so hard, I won’t be able to breathe. Oh yes, and by the way, wear red underwear.



Make 2018 your year. Regardless of what the Zodiac or anyone says. Welcome aboard!


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