Going Minimalistic: washing your hair in water only

Dear reader,

One of the reasons I fancied Solution Focused Approach straight from the beginning was that one of its core principles is minimalism or “doing more with less”. I’ve always been a huge fan of this philosophy not only in doing therapy, but also in pursuing my personal lifestyle.

Every year or so, usually by the end of the year, I go through a more intense period of revising, decluttering and trying to rethink my doing and living (see archive posts here which start with “Downsize this”. This year is no exception. And the more I grow older, the longer my endeavours seem to last. I have gone into a quite interesting challenge lately:

I stopped using any commercial hair products. ANY. I’m washing my hair in water-only.

Before this challenge I had at least a couple of these products in my bathroom:

  • a shampoo, usually one to enhance volume, because my hair is rather thin
  • conditioner, following shampoo
  • silicone or the-like for my ends
  • hairspray for easier brushing
  • hair foam
  • dry shampoo in case of emergency or lack of time
  • hair-mask to use once in a week

and I could probably list more.

Now I am only using

  • two brushes and a comb
  • water
  • a smile whenever washing my hair 🙂

I can’t tell you how free I feel. And this discovery came about three weeks ago as I was traveling and have forgotten to pack my hair accessories. All of them. I was also so busy that I literally could not find any store on my way to buy any. So I went without. It is very simple, however, like SFBT, not easy. But in my opinion it is so worth it. We are doing such damage to this Planet. We forget this so often, or at least I forget about and really need some brutal documentaries to show me that this planet is indeed dying of plastic. So I’ve gone “no-poo”, the most radical method.

If you are interested in how to do it, I made a video for you. In it you can find described the whole process with all the resources I had to dig up, and am very happy to share with you to make your transition smoother.

Subscribe to this blog (option on the right bottom of the page) if you would like to watch the video. It is not listed as public due to my privacy (showing you my bathroom and the whole procedure). After subscribing you will receive the video to your mailbox. Thank you!

This is a first post in 2018. And I am hoping to write many more “Going Minimalistic” posts, especially if you’ll find it useful. Enjoy and do come back to me with comments and your experiences!


Screenshot 2018-01-08 09.17.15

This is only a preview. To watch the whole video, please subscribe to the blog on the right bottom.

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