I woke up in London and I’d like to give you an offer

Dear reader, especially dear young people, parents or families who could benefit from a Solution Focused conversation, here is an offer for you.

It feels so good waking up in London. New ideas coming my way and life happening all around! So appreciative of this huge, enormous, generous and fierce city! And here’s an offer for you, in case you missed it on social media. Join us and see “what we do” and “what this Solution Focused approach looks like” as a client and take part in our upcoming Masterclass in Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Slovenia.

On 1st and 2nd February 2020 we are organising annual Masterclass for professionals, who would like to learn skills of how to facilitate conversations that open up possibilities of a better future. Ribalon Institute, SLO, in collaboration with SF Possibilities, UK, will bring together three trainers/practitiners of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, who will teach and learn together with the group on those two days. You can find detailed programme here.

We would like to offer a live demonstration of Solution Focused conversation and therefore, we created this event, to join people who could benefit from it from both perspectives: clients as well as training attendees.

If you are a young person (till age of 30), a parent or if your family would like to join us as a client face to face or online via Skype, please get in touch with us. The service for you is completely free. For more information feel free to contact me at biba@ribalon.org.

Welcome! And hugs from London,



I have my place I call home. If you are still looking for one, Solution Focused conversation might help.

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