Solution Focused Possibilities Online Training in Solution Focused Practice

Dear reader,

after my moving to the UK in 2018 it wasn’t long before three likeminded people met and decided to continue our professional path together. Ben, Greg and myself formed an organisation we named Solution Focused Possibilities. We believe and have experienced in our clinical practice, that with the help of Solution Focused approach, people can find their ways forward to a better future and discover new possibilities they never dared to dream of in a period of time that doesn’t take large proportions of their lives with long lasting effects.

All of us have been trained at BRIEF in London, which is the “golden standard” Solution Focused training institution in the world and we have been lucky to have enjoyed vast support and guidance from BRIEF over the years. Having been close, we’ve grown to love the simplicity of the Solution Focused approach and have set up a mission for ourselves, to keep our practice and teaching succinct, minimalistic and straightforward. To stay true to the principle of “less is more” and not trying to do with more what can be done with fewer means” (Occam’s razor, a principle BRIEF has been following for over 30 years and a principle we are carrying on following too). A year ago, in March 2019 we started working on our common project – putting these principles in action by creating an online training in Solution Focused Practice.

This week we are releasing our work and are very happy to announce that our first online courses are out. You are welcomed to have a look at them here. Our team has expanded and we are now four partners – joined by our Jamie who has been transforming our ideas and principles into high quality, succinct, straightforward and engaging videos.

And this is merely a start. We have several courses lined up and it seems that now is the right time – while most of us are confined and self isolated, engaging yourself in a course that could change your life (and life of those around you), might be an idea worth going with. If you’d like, we can notify you about our courses and send you blogs, videos and thoughts that could be of use to you through and during these curious times we have all found ourselves in. If so, send us your email at

Succinct. Minimalistic. Straightforward.

Biba from SFP and Ribalon


A photo from our last face to face masterclass training in the UK. But the story goes on!

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