Second training of our longterm project is happening in July in Poland – registrations open!

Dear reader,

a while back I posted about our Strategic Partnership we have with Estonia and Poland and our first training course on Solution Focused Approach which I led is now being put into online version which is ready for you to use! And now I am pleased to announce that our second training course which will be led by my valued colleague and friend Marta Skorczyńska is out and ready to receive applications!

This course will be on non-violent communication and with this blog, we are particularly inviting participants from SLOVENIA only. Lodging and accommodation costs are covered and there is a budget for travel costs too. If you are interested, see more info here. Registrations close on July 2nd. For any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. This project has been a wonderful experience so far so I am more than pleased to invite you to take part this training course.

Btw – the course will be face to face! What a change, huh?



A training for trainers in 2016 where I met Marta. It was the beginning of a long, fun and loving collaboration. Marta will be leading the course this blog is about.

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