Epilogue to Ribalon blog: Not letting go, but letting in

Dear reader,

navigating through life, career, choices, ambition, relationships is unquestionably hard. It doesn’t come with instructions, but to make up for that, it does come with enormous pressure, be it what you should be doing at a certain stage of your life, which milestones you should reach, what material possessions you should own, what you should wish for, how you should look, which emotions you are allowed to show and what you are supposed to present to the public. One could also interpret this as some sort of instructions, less or more useful.

As our 2022 turns to autumn and hence a new school and academic year, I would like to announce, that this post is an epilogue to Ribalon blog posts. This decision is not because I’m letting go of the blog, but because I’ve let so many new things in by simplifying work and life. You see, I believe that life doesn’t happen to us. It happens for us. And seven years of Ribalon posts have been enormously rewarding, rich, exciting, fulfilling, so much so, that I am with true gratefulness saying that it’s been one hell of a ride and now I’m ready for a different means of transport.

I would like to thank you all, who have been a part of this:

  • each and every participant that has learned and had fun with me on my trainings
  • all the young people that have so inspired and challenged my group work
  • all of the professional associations I used to belong to, for all the wonderful events, networks, gatherings and sharing
  • all my EU colleagues around the world, who have contributed to our international projects
  • all my co-trainers, for putting up with me and always looking for my cabbage
  • all my at the time random new friends that I met whilst traveling across the globe and are still here today
  • all the countries I had privilege to visit, not as a tourist, but as a worker who wanted to serve and was instead served
  • all the social media supporters, for keeping in touch, cheering me on, challenging me, following me.

All of you have been incredible and it’s thanks to you, that this journey’s been so much fun, fast, furious and delicious! I once had a dream and the Earth responded. I am happy for what was and I am happy now, closing this chapter and blog with peace and pride. What’s important now, is privacy, quality relationships and a few highly intense and confidential projects. I never thought I would be able to say that I have achieved what I wanted to achieve in international environments, have earned a public and professional reputation that I am proud of and now no longer feel the motivation or desire to continue growing in those or share my work (and life) publicly. However, this is not letting go of the old stuff. It’s letting in the new. There might still be posts of professional nature, when I have things to share that you could benefit from but officially, the Ribalon story and dream is marked “complete”.

With love and honoured that I could share this with you,


See you in the “offline” life!

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