About Ribalon


Welcome to Ribalon Institute’s webpage. We are happy you found us.

Ribalon Institute is a private, independent, non-profit, very first research and training institute for the Solution Focused Practice in Slovenia with international reputation and recently, a UK branch. It focuses on implementation, research and promotion of Solution Focused Practice: therapy, coaching, training, group work and supervision. Under its roof it facilitates international cooperation with many Solution Focused therapists, coaches, practitioners across the globe and all those, who want to bring a change and make a difference in their own life, as well as in the life of others. A change for the better.

The Ribalon Institute, as well as this webpage, grew organically from a simple blog. In 2014 I started the blog, because I had a dream that I should. You know, women are supposed to be very intuitive. I wanted to make a difference. And was really lucky to have the opportunity and ability to learn how. Blog, as a sort of a professional/personal diary, offers you records of how I first started learning Solution Focused Brief Therapy, how I applied it and have brought it to a permanent activity as it is today. Today, Ribalon has many international connections and is engaged in projects and cooperation in the UK, on the European level and beyond.

I currently live and thrive in London seeing clients and delivering Solution Focused trainings for agencies and professionals in the UK as well as internationally. For further professional experience, background, publications and recommendations, you are welcome to visit or connect through my LinkedIn profile. Or simply ask at biba@ribalon.org.

If someone asked me to imagine what my most vivid picture for the best future hopes would look like, I’d reply that reality turned out so much better …

Dr A. Biba Rebolj, FRSA, Ribalon’s creative director and owner


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