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I was reminded by Iza Login.

She reminded me of the things I already knew. She showed me my long forgotten inner powers. Powers to create anything I want. Powers I have used many times, unknowingly. Powers that were sleeping.

I have unleashed my potential by learning techniques of manifestation – simple set of techniques to create your own life the way you want it – beyond imagined.

I have manifested my dream car. My beautiful grand piano. My dream job. My international career. Funds for my PhD. Funds for my study abroad. In some ways even my husband.

I alone have done it, by myself. Deliberately. Embracing trust, faith, joy, passion and some bits of knowledge.

You already know how to do it. You might just not know it yet. And since many of you asked if I could share the knowledge Iza gave to me, I have created this event for you to pass it on. I will be with you while you will discover your own powers and connect yourself to one source, which will literally catapult you to whatever you want in life.

First module will kick off on a magical date – 25th December 2017.

This event will likely be the best online event you attended. It certainly was profound and extraordinary for me. See you soon!


The training will be released on December 25th. You will receive several modules directly to your mailbox once you register for the training. You will be able to watch them and do the exercises as many times you want and at your own pace. All the material will be yours FOREVER.

The registrations are now open at the bottom of this page! Don not miss on your chance to take full ownership over your life and customise it according to your wildest hopes! 

Below is the outline of our online training on how to manifest anything you want in life. There are two routes to this training: regular and premium.
The courses for both modules are following:

  • MODULE 1 – What is manifestation and what can be manifested (Dec 25th 2017)
  • MODULE 2 – Techniques of manifestation (NY’s day January 1st 2018)
  • MODULE 3 – successful manifestation and possible blockages (January 8th 2018)
  • MODULE 4 – writing your big manifestation (February 5th 2018)
  • MODULE 5 – cultivating and maintaining high vibe & energy (February 12th 2018)

Premium programme offers you THREE ADDITIONAL MODULES 

  • MODULE 6 – Individual support while writing your manifestation
  • MODULE 7 – Tracking your progress and assisting you in your actions
  • MODULE 8 – Checking your progress and assisting you in managing and/or removing your blocks

Together with lots of additional videos and interviews with some of inspiring people who have managed to manifest their lives the way they wanted.

The modules will be released on given dates. That does not mean you have to watch them on those dates – it is entirely up to you when you do it and how often – you can adjust it completely to your schedule. All the videos and other materials will stay with you forever. All the premium features will be delivered to you in addition to your module 4&5. Scroll down for detailed description.



MODULE 1 – What is manifestation and what can be manifested (Dec 25th 2017)

You will be introduced to a very powerful technique which you might already be using, not knowingly. In this module you will learn:

  1. What manifestation is
  2. What can be manifested and
  3. Conditions of successful manifestation.

MODULE 2 – Techniques of manifestation (NY’s day January 1st 2018)

This module will take you deeper. You will get fully acquainted with full set of techniques of how to manifest. We will have a look at different states of mind, particularly Theta state, which can be especially fruitful when you want to manifest something. This module will include:

  1. Description of the manifestation process step by step
  2. Different states of mind and brain function
  3. Your role and responsibilities in manifesting
  4. Technique of being fully present and alert
  5. Tackling your ego while creating your own joy.

MODULE 3 – Successful manifestation and possible blockages (January 8th 2018)

Now it’s time for your own manifestation! Module 2 will have taught you how to write your own manifestation. But module 3 will show you how to send it. It will also reveal possible blockages which you might encounter on your way and some ideas of how to overcome it. You will learn:

  1. How to prepare for submitting your manifestation
  2. How to submit your manifestation
  3. What to do after manifesting
  4. What might go wrong: possible blockages
  5. Elimination of blockages

MODULE 4 – Writing your big manifestation (February 5th 2018)

This module will be the most magical of all! You are finally ready for your big step! I will be together with you while you will submit your manifestation. You will be guided step by step from cultivating the right bit of energy and state of mind, through your process of sending your manifestation and coming back to your everyday reality.

MODULE 5 – Cultivating and maintaining high vibe & energy (February 12th 2018).

Of course miracles happen, but it is you who makes them happen! Therefore this last module will show you how to maintain your high level of energy and passion, necessary for your big manifestation to come to life. You will:

  1. Get introduced to some ideas of how to stay focused
  2. Be invited to recognise and take actions, using your senses, intuition and signs
  3. Track your progress on your way.

Scroll down for the Premium Programme


has THREE additional modules, which are tailored completely to you. Meaning you will not receive a training series to your mailbox, but you will actively co-shape it! The Regular Programme consists of full set of contents, but the Premium Programme is tailored to your needs, questions, aspirations and pace. I will work very closely with you, will ask you questions, share with you my ideas and help you to truly have the best possible experience while you learn how to manifest. Simply put – in the Premium Programme I will not only share the knowledge and content, but also personal experience, ideas, tips on what is it that YOU individually might need, as well as passion, support. love and care. I am undergoing some of very important manifestations on my own, so in this Premium feature I will share with you my own journey.

MODULE 6 – Individual support while writing your manifestation

If you really want to “nail” the techniques of manifestation and want to make sure to manifest successfully, this programme is for you. I will be with you personally and will individually assist you while you are designing and writing your own manifestation. Together we will take care that the circumstances, timing and energy is at its best level while you will launch your manifestation. You will receive 100% support, guidance and answers to your every question. I will tell you EVERYTHING there is to know. Will share some of my most intimate experience with you while undergoing some of the most important manifestations of my life (of which some are still ongoing) and give you all of my knowledge, ideas, questions, together with great care and love.

MODULE 7 – Tracking your progress and assisting you in your actions

Learning any kind of technique is quite simple. Truly mastering it, is challenging. This module will make sure your energy and vibration stays high until your manifestation is completed. Staying centred is closely connected to having a flowing body. When you are feeling good, which includes feeling good in and about your body, you are attracting good. This  module will therefore include your free access to our other online training to become best friends with your body!

MODULE 8 – Checking your progress and assisting you in managing and/or removing your blocks

It may happen, that you experience pitfalls and blockages while waiting for your manifestation to come true. If your manifestation does not come true, it is because you are blocking it. These blocks might be completely unnoticed. In this module you will have an opportunity to individually explore possible reasons which are stopping you making progress. We will do that through Solution Focused Brief Therapy, which is highly efficient, pleasant and brief approach to spotting useful change.

You will receive all of the recordings of our individual work in modules 6, 7 and 8, which you will be able to use as many times you want, because they will be yours forever.

*Money back guarantee on the premium programme if for any reason you feel dissatisfied at the end of your premium training.

Registrations for this training are currently closed. You can sign up for the waiting line here.


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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. W. A. Ward