I was faking it

Dear reader,

it will soon be three years since I first went to study in England. Another three months will have to pass and it will be three years since I first saw Solution Focused Approach in action. I am still amazed. But I know one thing now:

I was faking it.

I was faking my skills, my knowledge and my competencies. Three years after, I know that

I don’t know anything anymore.

Talking about Solution Focus is very different to doing Solution Focus. And I think until now I was only talking about it and not really doing it. My departure to the UK this September has left me blank, confused, doubtful and modest.

I’ve been such a narcissistic lazy egocentric. This is to confirm that talking about your skills won’t make you skilful and talking about excellency won’t make you excellent.

So I am starting over … I have lost some of my shine or pride and have stepped aside one or several steps down to bow to my ignorance and the greatness of proficient SF practitioners.

Now I have truly realised what it means that Solution Focused Approach is simple, but far from easy. It is not difficult to learn it, yet it takes hours, maybe even years to practice before one can say one knows what they are doing. Maybe knowing and understanding is beyond our horizon anyways. My teacher said that once I will figure out what I am doing, I should start doing something else. He is right of course, yet my limited capacity understands his wise word with huge delays.

So I am cutting down now and trying to eliminate everything that distracts my focus. I am eager to learn. And I suspect I will probably never understand. Yet I still want to master SF one day. If this is to happen, it will happen from a modest position, not a glorious one. So I could very much use your help if you want to go on this journey with me. Let us practice, let us make mistakes, let us learn together. Contact me and practice with me – let’s experience and discover Solution Focused magic together! Step by step.



I have more questions than I will ever have the answers to …