For SLO: Masterclass in Solution Focused Practice (Coaching and Therapy)

Dear reader,

this is a post for my dear home country, Slovenia so please allow me to write in my mother tongue. If you are not a native speaker, you might be intrigued by complexity of Slovene language and if you are currently in Slovenia or will be around the upcoming May, then this news might be of value to you.

Draga Slovenija,

Od mojega “tapravega” odhoda v Anglijo lansko leto, sem se na področju kratke, k rešitvam usmerjene terapije (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) naučila veliko novega, sprejela veliko novih klientov in ponudila usposabljanja na to temo angleški strokovni javnosti na BRIEF v Londonu, Stratfordu ter Walesu, ki so bila toplo sprejeta.

Vse to rezultira seveda v novih izkušnjah in pogledih, ki jih želim deliti s slovensko strokovno javnostjo maja, ko se za nekaj časa vračam v domovino.

Tako organiziram letni “staying SF” enodnevni dogodek, ki je namenjen vsem, ki bi radi osvežili in poglobili znanje iz k rešitvam usmerjenega pristopa (Solution Focused Approach). Videli boste nove posnetke dela z resničnimi klienti, preizkusili boste nove vaje, prav tako pa boste slišali novosti na področju razvoja pristopa v Evropi ter Veliki Britaniji.

Vidimo se 11. maja 2019 v hotelu Nox v Ljubljani med 10.00 in 17.00 uro.

Cena za celodnevni dogodek je 100 eur, vključen material ter pijača in prigrizki med odmorom. Dogodek sem si zamislila bolj intimno, za maksimalno 10-12 ljudi. Za rezervacijo mesta pošljite mail na Posnetki dela s klienti so večinoma v angleščini, zato je priporočeno znanje jezika. Diskusija in vaje bodo v slovenščini. Mesta bodo dodeljena na osnovi “first come, first served”.

Upam, da se vidimo ter ponovno skupaj povadimo ter se pogovorimo o pristopu, ki v svetu še vedno velja za radikalno drugačnega, ne glede na to, da je z nami že 40 let.


PS. dogodek je lahko zanimiv tudi za tiste, ki pristopa še ne poznate, vendar se že ukvarjate z delom z ljudmi (kot terapevti, coachi, izobraževalci, trenerji ali moderatorji). Za pokušino pa tale video:

How Solution Focused Approach Changed My Life

Dear reader,

just finished a Skype session with a rather long term client (seeing her over 2 years), who likes to check in once in a while to see whether she’s still “on track”. She is also interested to learn how to use Solution Focused Approach in her own line of work, but since she’s from another continent, she won’t be able to make it to our Slovenian Solution Focused Training. By the way – hurry, early bird registrations will close tomorrow, so make sure you’ve secured your place!

She stated that the main reason she wanted to learn SF (Solution Focused) was, because she had noticed how different my life became, since I encountered this approach. And she would like to make a similar difference in and for her life. I wouldn’t pay much attention to her words personally (of course professionally yes), if it weren’t that same morning, that a friend wrote to me on Facebook how much she appreciates my work and what an inspiration I am for others, especially younger ones, who are at the beginning of their professional career paths.

Maybe I can point out some benefits on how Solution Focused approach changed me, my life and those around me. I want nothing but the best for you, so maybe you might find this useful and can make Solution Focused approach work for you as well:

  • I’m not afraid. Action kills fear. If I’m unsure into something, I do it anyway. Before I was always scared what would happen if things go wrong. I had to make sure it was a “perfect moment”. Often that moment never came and I gave up before doing anything.
  • I travel. I’ve travelled round the Globe, but not as a tourist. I travel to learn, to explore, to expand, to increase tolerance and acceptance of diversity. See the post about a fierce journey for example.
  • I’m no longer setting goals. Goals don’t work. Instead I’m looking for signs. And since that changed, I managed to put together quite some pieces of work, like the Ribalon Institute, my first international scientific article and an EU project.
  • I’m not alone. I belong to a strong international network of professionals who help me grow. I’ve got the world’s best supervisors. Amazing partners, intervision coaches and worldwide friends. I’m not scared to ask for support. And I’m not reluctant to offer some if needed.
  • I’ve learned how to say NO. Managed to say goodbye to (fortunately very few) toxic people. I don’t tolerate disrespect and oppression. Also, I don’t tolerate gossip. Have much more important things to do.
  • I can change others. Until now, probably I’ve had like 500 workshops or trainings. Sometimes my contractors say I have to deal with a conflict/uncooperative/unmotivated group/individual. Never ever have I had a problem to inspire them.
  • My work matters. I see clients who say they’ve really messed up. I’ve worked with clients thinking about suicide, clients who were struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, I’ve worked with parents who had “unbearable” teenagers. I worked with many many young people who were stuck and wanted to quit. Some might say I’m not qualified to solve their problems. They are right. I’m not quailfied – but the clients are! Also, I’m not solving their problems – they are!
  • I’m genuinely happy. It’s not a state of euphory that goes up and down. It’s a constant state of integrity, joy and passion to do what I like to do, what I’m good at and what matters to others. Plus, I am surrounded by people who take my energy and give it back.
  • I want to pay it forward. This was the main call that got us into organizing this very first SLOVEnian SF training. Because I want to offer an opportunity to others to have a possible life changing experience. Who knows – sometimes a word said at a right time, can change someone’s life forever. I hope I’m spreading good words.

Though Solution Focused approach might not be responsible or triggering all of the above, I know that if I wouldn’t come accross it, my life would be a life from someone I used to be and am not anymore. People change. Be the change you want to see, Gandhi said. Wise man.



Your life. Your choice.