There is no such thing as a difficult client: a taster of “Biba SF” in the UK!

Dear reader,

Now that I am free of my PhD, I am delighted to announce, that, together with Lifeways Charity, I can offer you a taste of Solution Focused Training. Not just any training, but an energetic, highly practical and playful one.

Here it is!

“There is no such thing as a difficult client”-

a Solution Focused Approach to useful and effective conversations with your clients

Workshop on January 19-20th with A. Biba Rebolj

“It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away” (Bee Gees)

Creative power of words: when words perform their magic they bring into the world what until that moment had not existed. They create new worlds. It is into these new worlds that Solution Focused Practitioners invite their clients to step.

In this workshop I will teach you how to make words work for your client whoever your client is. You will never have to turn your client away. You will be able to work with every possible problem imaginable. More than twenty years of outcome studies show that no problem is outside the range of a Solution Focused approach. This workshop will therefore be as useful to therapists as it is to coaches, in fact, it will be invaluable for anyone whose job is to help people get the best from life – at work, at home, at school or wherever fulfilment and success are important.


This course will give you a way of thinking as well as a set of powerful, flexible and adaptable tools which will develop your practice and enhance your effectiveness. Solution Focused Practice has a set of conversational skills based on the principles of social construction theory and the creative power of words. You will learn how to interview in order to identify and maximise the skills your clients and colleagues bring to work. The workshop will be highly practical and it is expected that you will be able to use your new skills immediately.


The programme will provide explanations and chances to observe and practice each of the solution focused techniques. These will include:

  • Collaborative contracting
  • Envisioning successful futures
  • Discovering the best histories
  • Charting progress
  • Discovering hidden strengths
  • The power of appreciation
  • Generating co-operation
  • Single session live coaching
  • Five-minute coaching for busy clinicians, practitioners and managers
  • Resolving conflict
  • Converting stress to energy
  • Looking forward to the day


I was trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy at BRIEF in London and am known as the Solution Focused Queen of Slovenia. My work is spread internationally across different EU countries as a Salto, Erasmus+ and EU Commission trainer a well as a clinician in a private practice in Slovenia and, recently, the UK. I have delivered numerous international training events, masterclasses and conference keynotes on Solution Focused practice, always in a playful, energetic and charismatic training style which has over the past couple of years, become my signature.


19th and 20th January (2-days)

Day 1 (Saturday): 12:00-19:00

Day 2 (Sunday): 10:00-17:00

Lifeways Complementary Health Centre
30 Albany Road
CV37 6PG


As this is my first independent training, I am giving it to you for a special price. The cost of the workshop is only £100, which covers both days incl. handouts and refreshments during breaks.

To book a place, please drop me an email at There are limited spaces available and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.



Pessimism & Negativity

Dear reader,

I was born in Slovenia. This country, beautiful as it is, is prone to negativity. I am very sad to say, that its people are very capable, well educated, talented, hard working … but essentially negative and overly pessimistic.

You won’t recognise it at first. But if you are living abroad and/or have had contacts with other nations and other cultures, you would spot this dangerous mindset instantly.

I used to be just alike – being born and raised there. And I’m not writing this to point fingers to anyone – everyone involved in my upbringing was doing the best they could, in their given circumstances and with given means.

I am writing this to show, that there are things that can be done to change this mindset. That things CAN be different.

First things first, some disclaimers. I do think pessimism is better than optimism. This is my internal belief. Why? Because research shows that pessimists are more right. That they see the truth and holistic picture as it is, not as they want it to be. However, and especially because of this, I had to LEARN optimism. Not to embrace it fully and look at the world through pink glasses (not my thing), but instead view it through pragmatical approach and recover fast from whatever challenges life brings me.

When I first left Slovenia in 2014, my self confidence and professional identity was quite low, I was quite shy and here’s why:

I was taught that “it can’t be done“. That “it’s a waste of time, because my idea won’t work out anyway“.

And if I managed to do it anyway, people were jealous, telling things behind my back or were in best case, cool towards my successes. Very few people were genuinely happy and those people today are all thriving somewhere, either in Slovenia, but many have moved abroad.

In 2014, when I first proposed one humble idea to my hosting organisation in the UK, I was expecting a response with arguments of why this idea might not work out. And list of things how it might not work out. So I was already prepared to give up. Instead, I got a helping hand, telling me it was a fabulous idea and they would like to develop and discuss it further with me. It blew away my mind, because it was a response I would expect the least.

It showed me, there IS a different way. There IS another approach. So I started learning Solution Focused Approach. It changed my life. And I had no idea how much, until I had my mother over for a visit the past weekend. She and my husband were engaged in a conversation, quite passionately sharing some of the views or arguing when not. Their whole conversation was imbued with negativity and moaning about and towards pretty much everything – the politics, weather, habits, news, neighbours, etc. Their suggestions were so negative. And I felt a huge weight on my chest, even though I was not engaged in the conversation and did not want to do so either. I felt 13 again. It felt like home, a known feeling, but not a good fit.

So they drew a picture in front of me, showing me not how they are, but how much I have changed. I have cultivated a whole new and different mindset, which got me to be an international trainer. And now I want to share some of that knowledge and skills I had to learn (sometimes the hard way), but for you, you can simply get it from me.

It doesn’t have to be all bad. We don’t have to live in such a negative world. You CAN learn to do it differently. And change your whole world.

If you are tired of this negativity too and if you are a Slovenian, I am organising a free online workshop for you to have a taster of the Solution Focused (SF) Approach. Sign up here and perhaps make a step towards the best part of your life. It was definitely the best one for me.

See you there,



Slovenians Rock!

Dear reader,

when I was 13, I ran away from home. I was a huge rebellion and my family had it tough with me, especially my mom (love you mom!). I hated my town where I had spent my childhood and elementary school and I couldn’t wait to move to the big city. Eventually, even Ljubljana became too small. But in the meantime, I grew out of puberty, fortunately.

Now living across different countries in Europe and constantly on the road, I began to love my small city of childhood. I am proud to have grown up in a besieged working class town together with ex-Yugoslavian refugees from the 1990’s war. And yesterday I hosted two workshops there. It’s much fun coming back, not having the slightest accent and not knowing anyone, yet I felt like coming home.

Let me tell you a bit about this town and region. It isn’t rich. In Slovenia, pretty much everything outside Ljubljana is considered undeveloped. And Ljubljana on its own is not more than a big village. Not much’s going on. People lacking jobs, cultural life, social life activities (weekend getting drunk parties excluded of course), etc. There are fewer opportunities, especially for young people. And people feel this. They are not happy about it, but not much they can do. Or they don’t recognise the injustices in wealth and other goods distribution, and are falling in despair anyhow.

And in the middle of such an environment and mindset, there happen to be two organisations. That make a difference. Young people have joined their forces together and launched a co-working space. They are fostering entrepreneurship, active citizenship and engaging individuals into a sharing community.

I had a privilege to meet some of their members yesterday. I saw dedicated, kind and resourceful individuals who are trying to survive, to fight and to enjoy their lives. They were full of passion, energy, enthusiasm and ideas as we had discussion around Solution Focused questions. They were collaborative. Great listeners. Great people to talk to. Amazing creative spirits. With crazily stunning ongoing projects. I was so impressed and proud of their achievements as well as genuinely happy that they were not among those who are trying to find a way to either steal from common good or escape abroad. They were there. Standing strong. Having it difficult of course and constantly questioning how to survive. And they were managing, somehow, by doing something right.

I observed some of their conversations after the workshops. They were really kind to each other and honest. They asked me why I came to work with them all the way from London and not charging them to do that. Isn’t it obvious? Because it was most rewarding to be able to support a growing community that wants to make a difference in their local environments. I like working with engaging, kind people. Somehow, I  always have a privilege to meet such people.

This blog has about 3,000 international readers (you are awesome and you know it). If you ever have a chance to work with a Slovenian, you most likely won’t be disappointed. They might be a bit slow and cold at first, but once opened up, they will deliver results. And won’t praise themselves for it. They work, work, work hard, until they drop. And if in supporting environments, they generate awesome ideas, supported by strong arguments.

So honestly, Slovenians rock. I know I will spend my old days in this country. Because I love and believe in its people. Because it’s my home.



Unlocking people’s potential – priceless.

Happy 2017: The Best Training You’ll Ever Attend

Dear reader,

2017 is going to be a delighted year, I can feel it in my bones!

It is such a pleasure to be able to announce that there will be ANOTHER Solution Focused Professional Training in Slovenia. I attended my first such training in March 2014 and had to go to England for it, because there were no such trainings in Slovenia. My life has changed upside down since, in ways I even daren’t dream of.

Before Solution Focused Practice entered my life, I was surrounded by toxic people, had bossy coworkers who could do pretty much anything with and to me, had partners who didn’t treat me right and most of all, I was really confused and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Besides, my health was rather poor, I had some peculiar bad habits, not to mention that I found myself in conflicts more than often.

Now my life has a purpose. Since I started to learn Solution Focused Practice, my life has changed and I’ve become an almost completely different person:

I do what I love – I witness people creating their lives and themselves brand new. I am there with them to co-create rapid and long-lasting positive change they want to see for themselves and their significant others. This is such a privilege.

I travel. A LOT! I travelled round the Globe. Work and leisure is a synonym for me. Currently, I am stretched between the UK and home. I work a lot at the European level with international partners. I have clients from several EU countries and even clients from America and Canada. And this blog has almost 3000 followers. It didn’t happen overnight, but certainly I do perceive it as a miracle.

I am independent. My institute makes enough money to grant me a nice salary every month, so I can be my own boss and leader. I can choose who to work with and select my clients carefully.

My relationships have immensely improved. My marriage is firm and loving, my friends are my jewels and my work partners are the best team in the world.

I have changed personally as well. My way of thinking has changed. I allow myself to have a good life and allow myself to become the best I can possibly be in the fields I want to.

Those are only a few things. You can have it too. You can embrace and amplify the changes you want to see in your life. Solution Focused Practice will help you do just that in ways that you can’t even imagine at the moment.

With Solution Focused Practice you can

  • Learn to ask the right questions at right times, i.e. questions that put hope into your conversations and build rapid and long-lasting change.
  • Forget about burnout at work and toxic relationships. Personal or professional.
  • Become the best person/partner/CEO/coach/therapist/trainer/parent, etc. (whatever your current life role) you can possibly be.
  • Influence others in subtle ways, leaving an impact with no trace and assist them in making their lives and work a better place.
  • Change your career and find your true passion in life.

And many more ways, how Solution Focused Practice touches lives and moves them in a direction that is right for you.

Last year (2016) I was so happy to bring the first professional training to Slovenia, since as far as I know, there was no such training available. There are very few people who are familiar with Solution Focused Practice, and even they are practising the first model from the 1980’s when it had first developed. The model has changed of course, as there are new research findings that underpin different kind of practice.

So I wanted to offer Slovenian public a kind of training that changed my life. A highly pragmatic training in alignment with current trends and practice in the world. And it came true. Last year we got the first generation of Slovenian SF practitioners (about 25 people, with whom we meet every now and then and pursue SF in Slovenia). Because the experience was great and the feedback excellent, we (with my English partners) decided to repeat the training in 2017 as well, yet not in the same way. We made it even better, longer and with more contents. There will be even more exercises and you will see cases with real clients, therefore experience first hand the effectiveness and impact of SF.

You can be a part of this too. You are the second generation! You can be the next Slovenian star in the Solution Focused sky. You can become a part of a community that will support you and will foster your personal and professional development. I will surely appreciate more skilled people in the future, because I have many projects going on, where I would like to see Slovenian people engaged and thriving.

Want to learn Solution Focused Practice and thus invite change into your life in completely new ways? Simply click here and read about the programme, dates and apply through online form.

Not from Slovenia or can’t speak Slovenian? No problem! In the last chapter of our training, we’ll have a special guest coming over to Ljubljana. Chris Iveson, one of the best Solution Focused Therapists in the world, will deliver a two-day workshop in English in May (one day on coaching and another day on therapy). Chris is a co-founder of BRIEF, the largest Solution Focused Training organisation in the world (also the organisation where I was trained). Click for more info for Day 1 (coaching) or Day 2 (therapy).

That’s not even half of what I want to say. I could go on for days. Instead, let me invite you for a free intro workshop on January 6th, where you can hear it first hand and talk to me about your experience, questions and expectations.

Can’t wait to see Slovenia benefit from good practices that have been around in the world for a long time!!!



Our first generation. We are delighted to welcome you on board!


I deserve this!

Dear reader,

it was about a year ago, on an intervision meeting with a coach colleague. I was just starting to think about going independent and opening my own company. As such, I was full of doubts, second thoughts, all sorts of fears, as are probably most people who are about to leave their comfort zone.

As we talked things through, he provoked me with all sorts of (very useful) questions. From the mission, vision, long and short term goals, possible paths, etc, etc. It’s in fact been really useful and without this coaching intervision I would probably not get anywhere near as close as I did in such a timely manner.

At the end of our conversation, as we both got exhausted (in a good way), he said: “Tell me why would you do such a thing.” I answered. He went: “No. Think.” I answered again, different answer. “No. Think again. Why would you want any of this?” and it took me a long time to give another answer. His reply again was: “No. Do you know why? It’s BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THIS!

So that gave the title for the Facebook page that followed short after.

I’m home alone today. As my schedule fills up so unpredictable and is super flexible, I get to choose how much I work, when and what. So I decided to stay at home and work on my thesis. My husband has work to do the whole day and will only come back late in the evening. As morning turned into the afternoon and it was about lunch time, I thought I’ll just grab a sandwich and continue working. But then I figured: hey, why would I cook only when there are two (or more) of us? Why not treating myself equally worth? So I cooked a lovely meal just for myself, simply because I deserve this. And it was a whole ritual (except that obviously I cooked too much, tough love, I’d say).

Now I’m getting to the point of this post. Next year, in 2016 something wonderful is going to happen in our beautiful Slovenia. For the very first time, we’ll organize a Professional Solution Focused Training for those, who would like to learn how to use and practice Solution Focused Approach in their line of work. It is intended for coaches and/or therapists, along with all others, who work with people and would like to learn a different way of solving problems and managing conflicts.

The training will offer several different stages, from the very basics, introductory level, to more advanced levels, so you could join in whenever you feel you would benefit most. It will take place approximately from February until April or May 2016, each month a couple of days. It is an exclusive opportunity, as in the end, we’ll host a guest from Europe’s largest institution who provides Solution Focused Training and Slovenia has never had such an opportunity before.

So make sure, you are up to date with upcoming news with details dates, etc. Why? Because YOU DESERVE THIS! You deserve to learn skills and techniques that will bring you and your clients closer and quicker to your desired future. Solution Focused Approach has changed my life in ways I cannot describe. Now your time has come to make a difference in your life. Because you are worth it.