Two-day professional Solution Focused Advanced Training with Chris Iveson and A. Biba Rebolj

Ribalon Institute together with BRIEF London (VB) invites you for a 2-day intensive workshop on Solution Focused Approach where you will learn, master and rediscover your knowledge and skills in Solution Focused Practice.

If you are a practitioner, coach, psychotherapist, facilitator, trainer, educator, leader, manager, HR, psychologist, social worker, activist, volunteer, student or someone who is working with individuals, teams or groups and:
– is keen to learn new, fresh and effective approaches you could use in your line of work
– are working with clients, users, customers who find themselves stuck in complex or difficult situations
– could make use of effective tools leading to fast and lasting results
– want to learn how to amplify change
– are interested in postmodern future focused approaches
– want to enhance your own practice and sharpen your existing skills
– are familiar with the SF approach and wish to expand your current knowledge and skills with the latest insights from Solution Focused Approach, thereby pushing your own performance to the highest quality level.

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A. Biba Rebolj (Ribalon, Slovenia), Chris Iveson (BRIEF, United Kingdom). Chris and Biba have met each other in 2014, which led Biba to pursuing her training at BRIEF. BRIEF has been for the past 25 years recognised as the world leading institution providing worldwide trainings in Solution Focused Practice. Ever since Ribalon as the first Slovenian Institute for the Solution Focused Approach started in 2015, we were keen on bringing some of that knowledge and expertise to Slovenia and share it with Slovenian professionals. As a consequence, we organised two extensive trainings in 2016 and 2017. This advanced workshop one little gem, which will invite you to work and learn from some of the best practitioners in the field.

Both days will be highly practical. You will do lots of exercises and small group activities. Chris and Biba will also show you videos of working with real clients in therapy and coaching. Both will also be seeing live clients in front of you. Since you will be able to put the knowledge into skills and these into practice, you will be fully equipped to use your learning outcomes in your line of work the very next day. The workshop will be in English, with translation upon demand.

If you are already working with people and are keen to discover an alternative way of working, you do not have to have previous knowledge of SF approach. But if you do know the approach, you will be able to massively build on your foundation and add the latest thinking and discoveries from 2017 and 2018 which Biba and Chris will share with you.

10. & 11. May 2018 from 10.00AM – 6.00PM. The workshop will take place in Ljubljana, hotel Nox.


Registrations for this training have closed. There will be another set of whole professional training in Solution Focused approach. Register your interest by writing to us at

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Ribalon institute is the only Slovenian institute offering professional trainings in Solution Focused approach. BRIEF London has been a world’s leading institution in providing SF trainings for over 25 let years. Which means you are ahead of two unforgettable days, full of passion, joy and highest quality standards.