References from companies/associations we’ve delivered trainings for:

BRIEF, London, UK

CMEPIUS, Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+ in education and higher education, Ljubljana, Slovenia

DBIT, Essex, UK

EUPA, National Agency for EU Programmes, Malta

EU Salto Youth, Brussels, EU

German National Agency for Erasmus+, Bonn, Germany

HM Prisons, London, UK

Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS), Kozhikode, India

Lifeways, Stratford upon Avon, UK

MOVIT, Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Maltese National Agency for Youth and Education, Malta

New Pathways, Wales, UK

NHS England, UK

Polish Youth National Agency, Krakow, Poland

Romanian National Agency, Bucharest, Romania

SALTO Inclusion and Diversity, Brussels, Belgium

Slovenian Ministries: Ministry for Public administration and Ministry of economy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Solution Focused Trainers, Ltd., Sheffield, UK

Solution Focused University international conference, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

Terapia Breve Celaya, Mexico

UKASFP (United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice), UK

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Faculty of Economics, Biotechnical Faculty, Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Union Mladi+, Slovenian Association of Facilitators, Metta Association, Zavod Bob (non governmental sector), Slovenia

University of Teheran, Iran


And of course, clients are one of our best teachers and true referees of our work. Below are some comments and feedback from clients, who’ve experienced live sessions. The comments are anonymous due to client’s identity protection.

Student, female, 1st cycle: The next day after a session with you was just great, partly because of our conversation. I have a better idea now about where I should start and what to do next.

Student, female, gap year after 1st cycle: I wouldn’t have passed that exam if it wasn’t for you. Because of your questions and positive attitude I could picture myself in the difficult situation that was in front of me. Once in the examination room as I was really nervous, remembering our therapy helped me concentrate and focus. In the most difficult moment I remembered your questions and I was able to pass that exam that’s been on my mind for such a long time. I’ve even managed to get the highest score among all students taking the exam with me. Thank you for your help and support. Well done!

Non-student, male: I enjoyed the sessions a lot, have learned a great deal about myself because of your questions. To be honest, I think this is the best therapy possible – simple and effective. Thank you.

Student, female, 2nd cycle: I’ve been thinking about you, that I should say thank you a lot. Prior to seeing you, I had a feeling of being stuck, that my life has stopped at some point and I don’t know where to go next. After our conversation, things happened to move forward, just out of nowhere. So many thanks. Another thing, it made me realize that certain fears I had are actually not so frightening, so if in the future this (situation)   happens to me, I won’t freak out but would actually look forward to it. I’m not afraid anymore.

Student, female, gap year: Much love to you! You helped me open up and for that I’m so grateful!


Some feedback from the online survey from clients who have finished their sessions:

– The therapist really listens carefully and trully tries to understand the client’s problem and perspective.

– I liked that you have all the freedom you want in sessions.

– The therapist is a really good follower and remembers well what I tell her.

– There are many different approaches which I liked and I had a feeling we were actually “just talking” even though I know the questions were there for a good reason.

– The therapist encourages the client to find his own solution and lets the client talk. That worked for me very well.

– I liked that it was up to me to choose what to talk about. It is such a non-forced approach within a relaxed atmosphere.

And some feedback from workshops and trainings:

– Biba is a true expert, very calm, motivational, professional and nice at the same time.

– She was able to deliver and demonstrate the contents in a simple and interesting way even though she comes from academic background. She got to the point quickly and could provide the right answers. It was obvious she has lots of practical experience to underpin the theory. She was convincing.

– I liked it very much that I can use what I’ve learned in the workshop immediately.

– At the end of the workshop I was quite surprised, because I didn’t expect so much from it. The outcomes were a revelation, because I didn’t know I could learn so much through my own reflection. It made a huge difference in my day after the workshop – it was much more bright and positive!

– I enjoyed the atmosphere and got exactly what I need for my work – lots of practical information and new skills that I can use. Can’t wait to try them out. Awesome!

– It’s just amazing to watch her perform, a true balsam – so calming and enjoyable. It is also surprising how much experience she owns though she’s rather young. I was amazed by her abilities to play with professionalism and personal stories. It kept me interested till the very end!

– Inspirational, intensive, enriched with personal stories and ultimate invitation into searching for possibilities.

– and some more feedback here.


This is my personal data. Our research shows the average number of sessions is 2, while the most common number is 1. Here’s more scientific evidence, collected by Dr. Alasdair Macdonald. It contains surveys and other types of research, conducted  within broader contexts and including larger samples.

2 thoughts on “References

  1. Biba has helped me tremendously when I was going through a very difficult decision making massacre.
    Her coaching sessions re-awakened my passions and created unbelievable opportunities for me – things just naturally started to happen! I’m so grateful and I would honestly recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to improve any part of their life. Thank you B!


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