What to expect in a SF session?

Here’s a glimpse about what you might expect in a Solution Focused Brief Therapy or Coaching session.

I believe, you have a good reason to come. You might want some kind of a change. However you don’t have to know it in detail, a wish or a thought will do. Many people don’t know exactly what or why, they just know or sense they want to see some changes or something different. All sorts of challenges might be addressed within Solution Focused approach. So whatever is on your mind that you want to discuss, change, resolve, observe, think about or share, you have come to a right place. What we will do is that we will think through it in a solution focused conversation, us both being on the same site. As a therapist, I’m not acting as an expert, but rather as a facilitator who will ask you various questions and if I get them right, they will open up possibilities of a better future for you. This means that our relationship is based upon not-knowing. I don’t know what the best is for you so I will not tell you what you could or should do. You and only you are the expert of your life.

There are two simple rules in Solution Focused conversation: I’m responsible for asking questions that produce useful answers. And you take all the credits for each useful answer. It is that simple to understand, however not so easy to perform.

Prior to the session perhaps you might already notice some differences and useful change. This is often the case, as a therapeutic or coaching process already starts when considering booking a session. We might talk about this as well. Prior to the session you might also be interested in questions concerning privacy and other professional settings. I’m committed to EBTA Code of ethics (http://blog.ebta.nu/the-solution-focused-modell) and am subject to supervision in order to constantly monitor the quality of my work.

Usually the session lasts approximately one hour. In terms of collaboration, as it is brief therapy, it is not meant to be a long term process. I perceive each session as if it was our last and it is up to you if it will be. As for the following sessions, I rely on you to know when you’ve achieved your goal and hence when it’s time for us to stop meeting.

The effects may be immediate or sometime after the session. You’ll see it for yourself, everyone’s different. There will be no advice or goals, therefore you cannot “fail” or disappoint anyone (not yourself nor me, as there is no “homework”). I trust you will find your way and I’ll help you discover it.

How does that sound?


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