Welcome to Solution Focused Way of Life

Ever experienced a life situation where you wanted to make a change and didn’t know how? Or didn’t know where to start? riba balon logo

Ever had a feeling of being totally stuck and wanted to get out, but didn’t want to be treated like a patient?

Ever felt like you need something in your life to lift you and wake you up?

Tired of problems, problems, problems?!?

Then dear visitor, friend, truth seeker, life explorer,

This page is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Why? When you want to make a change, we assist you with methodology that works. The process of change facilitation is brief. As well as unique and fresh.


Solution Focused Approach is simple, but highly effective in moving things forward in very complex situations.

The webpage you are viewing, has several menus on the left/up. It is intended to be simple and minimalistic. So is our approach. Simple doesn’t equal easy. You may find browsing interesting, or you can use some tips and quick links on how to use this site. Find out more about:

Solution Focused Brief Therapy or Coaching,

– what a Solution Focused session might look like,

– the contacts,

About us and what’s the story behind this page.

Or follow and subscribe to newsletter about events, trainings or workshops.

And most of all, please feel free to explore, share, comment and participate as you please and have fun with it! We are happy to be there for you.

Ribalon Institute, Slovenian Institute for the Solution Focused Approach


You make progress.

We facilitate the process.



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