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Dear reader, here are collected all the posts from the very beginnings in May 2014 till the very present moment. You can find some of them on the menu tab on the left, but some are in the archives only. It is my pleasure to make it more transparent and accessible to you.

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Beginnings: About


I had a dream and the Earth responded (May 24th 2014)

An Email (May 25th 2014)

But why do they need labels? (May 27th 2014)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (May 29th 2014)

Down to Earth (June 9th 2014)

A Logo (June 22th 2014)

What’s in it for me? (what to expect in a SF session?) (June 26th 2014)

A Word About Trust (July 3rd 2014)

Celebration Day (July 4th 2014)

A Word About Happiness (July 14th 2014)

A Failed Prodigy (July 22nd 2014)

Sorry, I can’t deal with your situation? (July 24th 2014)

A Word About Modesty (July 30th 2014)

A Road Less Traveled (August 18th 2014)

I Want You to Need Me – A Word about Dependency (August 26th 2014)

A Word about the Patience and Gratitude (September 2nd 2014)

Climbing Up the Stairs! (September 9th 2014)

People Pleaser (September 12th 2014)

A Word about YOLO and Finding Yourself (September 23rd 2014)

Big News Gone Bad (September 29th 2014)

A Tempting Word Why (October 6th)

The Campaign – a Word about Money (October 8th 2014)

A Word about You: 1,000 Visitors! (October 14th 2014)

I would if I were you – a Word about the Discipline (October 21st 2014)

A Fierce Journey (November 10th 2014)

A Word about the Hidden Strength (November 17th 2014)

Crazy people go into therapy. Even more crazy people offer it. (November 24th 2014)

How to quit smoking and other easy stuff (December 2nd 2014)

You can change people: a Word about the Quiet December (December 9th 2014)

A Simple Priority Reminder (December 18th 2014)

The dark side of holidays (December 25th 2014)


Wake Up, Butterfly! (January 6th 2015)

How to Make the Right Choice (January 13th 2015)

A Word about Support (January 16th 2015)

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (January 24th 2015)

Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers. ~ Anonymous (January 30th 2015)

Miracles DO happen (February 12th 2015)

My Birthday Gift came early this year (February 26th 2015)

What to say to a new-born (March 5th 2015)

Never Stop Making Wishes … (March 15th 2015)

The greatest ideas you’ll generate when you are alone (March 26th 2015)

How to deal with success is as important as of how to deal with failure (April 6th 2015)

Good life is not just the absence of negative things (April 19th 2015)

May I Present to You … (April 24th 2015)

A Word about Expectations, Regret and Disappointment (May 23th 2015)

Happy Anniversary! (May 25th 2015)

Be productive, set goals, make a marketing strategy, sell, grow, buy … (May 28th 2015)

Do what you Teach and Teach what you Do: A Word about Training (June 3rd 2015)

And That Reminds Me of a Story (June 25th 2015)

How to make a Win-Win situation out of conflict (July 2nd 2015)

Just Do It! (July 9th 2015)

I am vulnerable (July 17th 2015)

Every exceptional person has had at least once a painful experience … (August 1st 2015)

Blackberry Kiss (August 13th 2015)

You were born to count the stars … (August 21th 2015)

You were born to count the stars PART 2 (August 28th 2015)

Meet a person who saved my life and doesn’t know it (September 5th 2015)

I suck at saying goodbye: EBTA 2015 (September 18th 2015)

Zakaj pišem v angleščini in zakaj se še nisem odselila v tujino (October 2nd 2015)

What to do when you need to come up with ideas (October 6th 2015)

Get over yourself: You’re Not Special (October 23rd 2015)

Finally figured out why we have two ears and one mouth (October 27th 2015)

Everybody wants to be a coach, but not for everybody (November 5th 2015)

This Blog is an Invitation to Life (November 11th 2015)

I deserve this! (November 19th 2015)

How to simplify your relationships (December 3rd 2015)

A Snowball Effect: An Opportunity to do Magic (December 9th 2015)

A. Biba Rebolj (December 23th 2015)


Turquoise Blue Coast or how we are never happy with what is (January 4th 2016)

How to Prepare for the Unknown: a Word About an EU Project (January 13th 2016)

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood (January 19th 2016)

Use What You Have (February 1st 2016)

How Solution Focused Approach Changed My Life (February 9th 2016)

When You Lose Someone Dear (February 11th 2016)

Your Wish is My Command – Skype meetings available for the international clients (February 22th 2016)

Simple isn’t Easy – a Word About How to Reduce Your Carbon Print (February 25th 2016)

Sugar Daddy – going out with someone who is double your age (March 2nd 2016)

People don’t want to be taught, people want to be inspired! (March 8th 2016)

Meet a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (March 10th 2016)

We reached over 1,000 Facebook Likes: a Word About What Really Matters (March 20th 2016)

Downsize This: Offline is the New Luxury (Notes about the Simple Life) (March 25th 2016)

Downsize This: Coc Au Vin or Oatmeal? (Notes about the Simple Life 2) (March 31th 2016)

Downsize This: a Failure and a Temptation to Complicate (Notes about the Simple Life Part 3) (April 11th 2016)

I’ll never be good enough (Notes about the Simple Life Part 4) (April 17th 2016)

New Start, New Services (April 18th 2016)

Who Should Be Your Best Friend? (May 3rd 2016)

In our world, nobody needs a coach. Nobody needs to think either. (June 2nd 2016)

Unleashed Potential (June 21st 2016)

There are no rules in life. There are only roles in life (June 28th 2016)

Coaching for Change – our dream came true! (July 20th 2016)

Use what you have and use it NOW (August 4th 2016)

European Breakthrough: Coaching for Change completed (Sept 10th 2016)

London calling! And an Open Call to experience SFBT conversations (September 20th 2016)

Almost live broadcasting from sunny England (November 2nd 2016)

When you think you know everything, then you should be worried (November 6th 2016)

Therapy doesn’t work. Coaching doesn’t work either. Clients work! (November 18th 2016)

Only for people with low self esteem (November 23rd 2016)

Successful Failure (December 7th 2016)

I was faking it (December 27th 2016)


Happy 2017: The Best Training You’ll Ever Attend (January 3rd 2017)

Adidas, Versace, Escada and the like – this is a war – a minimalist’s revenge! (January 6th 2017)

Everybody has problems. That is so not true (January 31st 2017)

It took me 33 years to figure out what I already knew when I was 5 … (March 19th 2017)

I’ve just had the best conversation of my life (May 19th 2017)

Coaching for Change finished: a difference that made a difference (May 31st 2017)

Do not mark yourself safe (June 4th 2017)

The Power of Rejection – a special guest post (June 16th 2017)

Never Deny Your Roots (July 13th 2017)

Slow Down (July 19th 2017)

Narejeno v Sloveniji (July 31th 2017)

Maybe I don’t believe in happiness … (August 6th 2017)

10 načinov kako izbrati primernega terapevta (August 20th 2017)

Were You Trained to Hate Your Body? (August 30th 2017)

NEW ONLINE TRAINING: Untrain yourself and start becoming friends with your body (September 7th 2017)

The Queen (October 25th 2017)

Female vs. male energy: a battle or harmony? (October 30th 2017)

When Your Big Plans Don’t Work Out (November 3rd 2017)

How About Some Kindness? (November 16th 2017)

I Will Be (November 20th 2017)

All I Want For Christmas … (December 12th 2017)

2017: Letting Go … (December 19th 2017)

We must do away with ALL the explanations (December 24th 2017)

This COULD be your kind of year! (December 31th 2017)


Going Minimalistic: washing your hair in water only (January 7th 2018).

I finally did it – my big manifestation came true!!! (January 15th 2017)

World Citizen: Cuba (February 5th 2018)

Pessimism & Negativity (February 28th 2018)

Everybody Lies (March 7th 2018)

Almost Birthday – one of the worst days of my life (March 18th 2018)

Eating disorders are wasting your time (March 26th 2018)

How did my butt get so big?? (March 31st 2018)

Do Not Help Others (April 9th 2018)

No reason to live? Get offline! (May 13th 2018)

Don’t focus on letting go. Focus on letting in! (May 20th 2018)

Guest post: “I’ll be ok if …” (May 30th 2018)

Do Men Really Love Bitches? (June 3rd 2018)


A Night of Wonder and Questions (June 19th 2018)

Everything Changes (August 12th 2018)

Mind the Gap Please and Keep Calm … yeah right (August 19th 2018)

New Generation of Solution Focused professionals has arrived! (September 25th 2018)

Where do we go from here? (October 24th 2018)

All you need is a cup of coffee … (October 29th 2018)

What makes Solution Focused Practice so special? (December 3rd 2018)

There is no such thing as a difficult client: a taster of “Biba SF” in the UK (December 8th 2018)


My first course at BRIEF (January 18th 2019)

The Key to My Heart (January 24th 2019)

I’d rather not be right (February 23th 2019)

High Performance Requires High Maintenance (March 8th 2019)

Not interested in therapy anymore. I never was. (March 31th 2019)

A Patient Cured is a Customer Lost (about ethics in therapy and coaching) (April 8th 2019)

She Designed a Life She Loved (April 29th 2019)

So now you’re a Doctor. What next? (May 12th 2019)

What if vs. what is: why Solution Focused approach isn’t about the positive (June 23rd 2019)

I like hospitals … (July 29th 2019)

Letter to lovers who let you down (September 2nd 2019)

First Year in London (October 20th 2019)

Solution Focused Masterclass for professionals working with families, children and young people (November 6th 2019)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Masterclass in 2020 (December 26th 2019)



I woke up in London and I’d like to give you an offer … (January 11th 2020)

Posting on social media as a therapist (February 19th 2020)

My Birthday, Our Future (March 19th 2020)

Social distancing is not the same as social absence (March 21st 2020)

Solution Focused Possibilities Online Course in Solution Focused Practice (March 31th 2020)

My Old Career is Dead (April 3rd 2020)

Ever done a job interview that changed someone’s life? (May 25th 2020)

10 ideas about unlocking people’s potential (June 21st 2020)

How to recognise love? (July 2nd 2020)

What if Cinderella were a Villain? (December 2020)


2021 has brought a new course: Solution Focused Groupwork with Chris Iveson and Biba Rebolj (January 2021)

Online Solution Focused Tool: NEW LIVES FROM BROKEN DREAMS (May 13th 2021)

New webinar on Wednesday: Introduction to Solution Focused Approach and a free intro training (May 18th 2021)

Time for a New Welcome and Passing Things On (August 20th 2021)

Solution Focused Groupwork – a couple of ideas (March 29th 2022)

Epilogue to Ribalon blog: Not letting go, but letting in (August 14th 2022)


I am happy you are here.

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