For clients


Maybe you’ve reached a point where you’d like to join. Maybe as an active participant in our trainings or a client for coaching or therapy. Regardless the role and your expectations, you are more than welcome.

Here are listed several possibilities how you yourself can participate and make a positive difference in your life, for example by appointing a session or to comment, ask, share, etc. You may choose between:

Individual Solution Focused Brief Therapy one-on-one session

Individual Solution Focused Brief Coaching one-on-one session

Performance, Executive, Business or Skills Coaching

Solution Focused session (for couples or families)

Solution Focused Groupwork (for groups)

– An online session via Skype or chat if we are too far away to meet personally

Solution Focused Supervision for practitioners who would like to enhance their way of working with clients. 

If you’d like to book a session or send an enquiry, please fill out the below form or call

+44(0)7423 398293

to schedule a session and indicate time which best fits your needs and aspirations. 

Face to face meetings take place at BRIEF, 7-8 Newbury Street, EC1A 7HU London, UK. Online meetings take place via Skype or Zoom.



For information about what a solution focused session looks like and more about Solution Focused Approach please click here and have a look at a video below. One of the key differences that make Solution Focused Approach so unique, is that we put you, the client, first. Your expertise of your life is more important than any of our knowledge or theories. The research shows our approach proves just as effective as any other therapy with a difference that it is considerably briefer. Usually, the most common number of sessions would be one. The average would be between two and five. Yet as everyone is different, we would have no way of knowing. Find out more about SFBT sessions:

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